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01 Jun

4 Best colours to wear to work

What you wear in office will decide what people think of you.

A smartly dressed stupid man is always taken seriously and a lousily dressed intelligent man is often ignored. No matter how unfair this is, it stands true. So if you want to make an impression and you wish that people take you seriously at your work place, read the following and enlighten yourself about what colours you must wear to work.


No colour is as pure and impressive as white. Wear a starched, plain white shirt to work to make an impression. This colour will ensure that you come across as calm, focused, simple and dedicated; qualities that are surely appreciated at any work place.


Gray denotes authority without being over-whelming. Do not think of this colour as boring or monotonous. It is an unusual choice and will surely help you stand apart from the crowd. Pair a gray shirt with well-fitted black trousers and people are sure to take notice.


No man can ever go wrong with blue. This colour will make you come across as someone who is trustworthy and authoritative yet having a calm demeanour. In fact research has shown that people who wear blue have a higher success rate at work. So go on and stock up some blue!


An unusual choice again, but if practised with some restraint then this colour will do you justice. Green symbolises harmony, freshness, and growth. This can be implied to mean that you work well in a team, that you bring fresh ideas on the table and are someone who strives for growth. All positive characteristics that are bound to create a good image.

There are no rules and sure answers as to what is best or not. Go for something that suits your skin/body type and what you would be most comfortable wearing. Nothing exudes more charm and confidence than comfort anyway! 




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